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Tug of War - European Championship (historical)

The European Championship of the German federation (Germany was still excluded from international sport federations as a result of World War One) was organized in Offenbach GER in 1921, Jun 11-13. Besides Weightlifting and Wrestling there were also two events in Tug of War. Only a handful of foreign athletes competed at this championship at all.

European Champions Runners-up Third place
Heavyweight (>450 kg) Athleten-Klub Laubenheim GER Sport-Verein Regensburg GER Kraftsport-Verein Untertürkheim GER
Lightweight (<450 kg) Athleten-Klub Laubenheim GER Kraftsport-Verein Aschaffenburg GER only two teams

Remark: On this website, you will only find events of the early days of the sport not the championships of the 1960 formed Tug of War International Federation (TWIF).

Last modified: 08.12.2018