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International Small Bore Rifle Shooting Federation (historical)

Sport shooting with small bore rifles became very popular in the years after the World War I. Appropriate competitions have already been held in some UIT associations. In 1926, the Scandinavian associations demanded that small bore rifle shooting should be included in the World Championships. But the UIT found it difficult. At the General Assembly in 1928, the debates continued endlessly and without result. On 1928 June 14th, ARG, DEN, GER, HUN, POL, and SWE founded a separate federation - International Small Bore Rifle Shooting Federation. GBR and the USA followed until 1930.
The UIT reacted quickly and in the summer of 1928, it was decided to hold a small bore rifle competition for the first time at the 1929 World Championships. On these competitions, a department for small bore shooting was formed within the UIT. After the recognition of small bore shooting by the UIT the International Small Bore Rifle Shooting Federation dissolved itself.

President was General Ernst Linder SWE (1930) and secretary general Fredy Porath GER (14.06.1928 - 1930).

On 1929 February 2nd, in Berlin, during the „Grüne Woche‟, the association's only official competition, took place: „European Grand Prix‟. This competition was originally advertised as a world championship.
Olle Eriksson SWE won the title „Champion of Europe‟ in the 3x40 shot small bore rifle competition with 1,479 points.

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